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8 Catholic Justice Commission staff shot dead in Pakistan

Gunmen raided the offices of the Justice and Peace Commission in Karachi, rounded up staf members and then shot them one by one, according to police.

Six staff members died on the spot and two succumbed later in a hospital, authorities said.

Norris Nawab, chairman of the commission, told Zenit that two terrorists entered the commission's office on Wednesday morning and ushered staff members into a library, where they shot them in the head. Police said the two gunmen were about 25 to 30 years old.

According to Church sources, the terrorists belong to the same group that attacked a Bahawalpur church last October, an Islamabad church in March, and the Murree Christian School and Mission Hospital Texila in August.

Just two days before, police arrested two militants of Harkat ul Mujahideen Al Almi, who disclosed that they had plans for more attacks on Christian institutions.

Police have been on the alert thhis week, and security measures have been tightened outside churches and church institutions.

The Justice and Peace Commission has worked on issues of justice in Pakistan since 1972. Its main focus is to work for the poor and marginalised.

Condemning the attack, the commission sent faxes to the president of Pakistan and governor of Punjab, stating, "It seems that the government has failed to protect Christians in Pakistan."


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27 Sep 2002