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Vatican UN observer wants Iraq military action considered

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, permanent observer of the Vatican at the United Nations in Geneva, has said that options for a US-led attack on Iraq should be considered.

"We are in favour of dialogue but also of respect for international law," Archbishop Martin said on Sunday, when he addressed a congress of 60 ecclesial associations, groups and movements.

"Provision is made for the use of force, but the decision to apply it corresponds only to the UN Security Council," he added.

Archbishop Martin stressed that "a sense of responsibility is more necessary now than ever before. The recourse to force is always and in every way a failure."

He stressed that the United Nations "must not be used to further the interests of one party. To impede it from fulfilling its mission would result in great danger for all."

Archbishop Martin exhorted Catholics to "dirty their shoes", in addressing problems together, and in convincing "governments to invest in people and to commit themselves to a preferential option for each poor human being."

In the struggle against terrorism, there must be "respect for the state of law and the coexistence of peoples," the archbishop concluded.

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26 Sep 2002