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Pope remark inspires Gerard Depardieu to follow St Augustine

Pope John Paul II remark to French actor Gerard Depardieu two years ago two years ago that he looked like St Augustine has inspired him to work on plans for a film on St Augustine.

He told a press conference in Rome on Thursday that he has already discussed the project with Cardinal Paul Poupard, president of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

Depardieu said he is also soon to begin, at the Pope's request, a world tour reciting passages from St Augustine in squares and churches.

The readings of Augustine's texts - his classic 'Confessions' telling the story of his undisciplined youth and conversion - will begin on November 23 in Tagaste in Algeria, where the saint was born in 354.

Depardieu will also go to Hippo, the ancient capital of Numidia, where Augustine was bishop and where he died.

"I will read in the squares and in sacred places, in churches and synagogues, carrying with me only four candles," the actor said. "It will not be a performance but a way of enriching the faithful worldwide."

Born in 1948, the third of six children of a poor sheet metal worker, Depardieu left school at 12 and ran away from home. HHis many award-winning film roles include Cyrano de Bergerac and Jean de Florette.

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24 Sep 2002