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Scots pray for a miracle for 'Patron of the Unemployed'

Archbishop Keith O'Brien, standing at the tomb of the Venerable Margaret Sinclair, has appealed to Scottish Catholics to pray for a miracle which could be attributed to the former factory girl who died a member of the Poor Clare Community in London, 77 years ago.

More than 400 people from various dioceses in Scotland travelled to Edinburgh last Sunday to take part in the annual pilgrimage to honour Margaret and to mark the Golden Jubilee of the start of the Apostolic Process to have her canonised.

"We all know that the acceptance of a miracle by the Holy See is an indication that Margaret is indeed a saint in heaven," said the archbishop.

"It was Pope John Paul himself who advised me to ask the people of Scotland to pray for a miracle. Whether or not the Venerable Margaret is declared Blessed or a Saint, now rests in our hands."

In 1978, Pope Paul VI declared Margaret as "Venerable". And her holiness has been recognised further afield.

In the US she is described as "Patron of the Unemployed" because of her frustration when the factory in which she worked was closed.

Venerable Margaret Sinclair

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23 Sep 2002