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Brisbane Catholic principal tells Lord Mayor to improve behaviour

A Brisbane school principal has hit out at the city's Lord Mayor and politicians in general after her students heard him call a fellow councillor a "wanker" during a school excursion to City Hall.

"Kids watch you and listen to you and take their cue from you," said St James College, Spring Hill principal Kerrie Tuite.

Cr Soorley, a former seminarian, called an opposition councilor a "wanter" and a "boofhead" and told a female councillor to "shut up, you stupid woman".

"We're trying to educate teenagers here," said Ms Tuite. "We're a Catholic school so I think it is important to take a stand on this."

She told The Catholic Leader that she had received nothing but positive feedback after she called on politicians to act as role models for young people.

Brisbane City Council
St James College

Catholic Leader (print edition)

20 Sep 2002