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Catholic Weekly wins prestige press award

Sydney's Catholic Weekly picked up the premier Australasian award for religious journalism, the Gutenberg Award, at last week's Australasian Religious Press Association conference.

This is the first time the paper has won this prestigious award, scooping 50 other Christian publications from throughout Australia and New Zealand. The award, named after the inventor of movable type and the first printer of the Bible, is awarded each year for "outstanding achievement or excellence in religious communication". Entries are judged on journalistic quality, layout, production and professional creativity in communicating the message of the Gospel.

In announcing the Gutenberg Award, the association president, the Rev Bob Wiesbusch, said he chose The Catholic Weekly because of its fine balance of news, features, opinion pieces and history and, in particular, because of its fine homilies. The Weekly received recognition, too, from the Australasian Catholic Press Association, which also held its conference in Sydney last week.

It also won the Catholic Press Association's award for Best Editorial, written by the editor, Johanna Bennett. Entitled, A not so simple soul, the editorial - about St Therese of Lisieux, whose relics toured Australia earlier this year.

Another Sydney publication, Teresa Pirola's The Story Source, scooped the major Catholic Press Association magazine prize - the Bishop Phillip Kennedy Memorial Prize.

Catholic Weekly
A not so simple soul (prize-winning Catholic Weekly editorial)
National award for The Story Source

Catholic Weekly

16 Aug 2002