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Indonesian bishop concerned about resurgence of violence in Poso

Bishop Joseph Suwatan of Manado has expressed concern over the resurgence of violence in the city of Poso, denouncing the recent spate of attacks that he said undermined the peace treaty signed by Christians and Muslims last December.

The bishop expressed regret that people did not heed the call that Christian and Muslim leaders made last month to end violence in Poso, after bomb blasts killed a woman and injured several others.

On 5 August, an explosion rocked the Christian village of Matako, about 29 kilometres from Poso. Three days later, gunmen attacked a bus in Poso, killing an Italian tourist and injuring four Indonesians.

On Tuesday this week, at least six people were killed, and hundreds of houses and two Protestant churches were set ablaze in attacks on three Christian villages.

The incidents coincided with two days of talks between Muslim and Christian leaders. "Local authorities were unable to prevent the violence," Bishop Suwatan said.

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16 Aug 2002