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Germaine Greer defends Blair wife's loyalty to Church teaching

Feminist icon Germain Greer has warned British Prime Minister Tony Blair to respect his Catholic wife's decision not to practise contraception.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Arts Festival, she said: "I want to say to him, 'Leave her alone for Christ's sake. She's 47 years old. She doesn't practise contraception because she is a Catholic. So stay off her!"

Her subject was the unequal nature of marriage, and she turned her attention to the ruling Labour Party, its leader and his wife, a prominent QC and part-time judge, who recently suffered a miscarriage while carrying their fifth child.

She also spoke in support of young mothers, who put motherhood ahead of their career.

"I like the idea of young women being mothers. It is easier to get down on the floor with kids if you are a kid yourself," she said.

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15 Aug 2002