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Rockhampton bishop calls meetings to discuss church sex abuse

Bishop Brian Heenan of Rockhampton has convened gatherings across the diocese to consider sexual abuse in the Church. The first was in Rockhampton last Tuesday. Others will follow from next Monday.

Bishop Heenan said the meetings are an opportunity for people to come together in order to gain a fuller understanding of the nature of the problem. They could then consider the most suitable responses on a journey towards healing and reconciliation. He said they are also a time for sharing by those who felt they wanted to have input to the process.

'Sexual abuse is an issue which must be faced with honesty and humility,' Bishop Heenan said. 'Only then can we bring the healing and the hope of a safe and secure future for the generations to come.

'I can only attempt to appreciate the pain, suffering and trauma experienced by those who have been subjected to the violation of sexual abuse.'

Public apology for Rockhampton priest's sex abuse (17/6/02)

Catholic Leader

15 Aug 2002