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Tasmanian parents issue statement of support for priests

Admitting that some minors have been deeply hurt by abusive priests, Tasmania's Catholic Schools Parents and Friends Federation has issues a statement stressing that priests are welcome in the state's schools.

The statement was issued by parents attending the 43rd annual State Conference of the Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents and Friends Federation.

Moving a vote of confidence in the leadership of [Hobart] Archbishop Adrian Doyle, they said: "We express our confidence in the processes the Tasmanian Catholic Church now has in place aimed at protecting our children from harm and addressing any instances of abuse that might occur in the future."

"We acknowledge with sorrow that some children and their families have been deeply hurt by the abusive actions of a small minority of priests and members of Religious Orders," they said.

Archbishop Doyle said that he personally felt very appreciative of, and encouraged by, the parents' support.

"Abusive behaviour is a betrayal of trust and an contradiction of the gospel," he said. "It has no place in our schools, parishes or organisations."

The Acting Director of Catholic Education, Mr Jeff Hall, said: "Priests and Religious have exercised significant teaching and pastoral roles throughout the 175 year heritage of Catholic education in Tasmania. This is involvement that we have treasured and hope to see continue. It is integral to the fabric of Catholic education."

Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents and Friends Federation
Catholic Education Office (TAS)
Archdiocese of Hobart

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14 Aug 2002