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Rabbi-author tells Catholic audience to reject 'sin of perfectionism'

A rabbi and best-selling author urged Catholic health care professionals gathered in Chicago to reject "the sin of perfectionism" and to make their workplaces "sacred space."

An address earlier this week by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, rabbi laureate of Temple Israel in Natick, Massachusetts, and author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People and other books, closed the Catholic Health Association's annual convention in Chicago.

Rabbi Kushner said the biblical story of Adam and Eve's fall from grace in the Garden of Eden has left many convinced that they must be perfect to earn God's love. But the sin of perfectionism "haunts so much of our lives, so much of our work," he said.

"Children don't need perfect parents," he said. "They need parents who will be role models in saying they're sorry" when they make mistakes.

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9 Aug 2002