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Inmate says priest provided cash and drugs for sex

A report claims a part-time prison chaplain was manipulated by Adelaide prisoners who accused him of providing cash and drugs in return for sexual favours.

The priest, who admitted he gave inmates cash, has denied any impropriety. He has been interviewed by Catholic Church investigators after a complaint by a former inmate. The prisoner has alleged the priest wanted to watch inmates shower and engage in oral sex with them.

An enquiry found the priest, who has returned to Sydney, had ``acted naively'' in his dealings with prisoners. However, it found no evidence to corroborate the inmate's allegations that he provided cash and marijuana in return for sexual favours.

The inmate has told the Catholic Church that the priest provided accommodation after his release from prison, where the sexual activity continued.

In an official report, the Catholic investigators confirmed he had provided cash and accommodation at an Adelaide motel for the complainant on his release.

However, a letter from the other prisoner had stated the allegations about sexual misconduct had been fabricated in a bid to blackmail the priest.

The investigators said they had been unable to locate a girlfriend of the second prisoner who was said to have evidence of the sexual activity and drug trafficking.

``The assessors believe that Father was manipulated by prisoners and his acts of kindness were used against him,'' says their report. ``It would seem that Father acted naively at times in his dealings with prisoners and ex-prisoners.''

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7 Aug 2002