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Weddings decline reflected in Catholic statistics

Statistics showing a 10% drop in the number of weddings in Australia are also reflected in the numbers of Catholic marriages, according to Sandhurst Diocese pre-marriage educator Fr Andrew Fewings.

Fr Fewings, also president of the national Catholic Society for Marriage Education, said: "We find fewer people are going to churches to marry, and they are apparently not going anywhere else to marry either."

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that in 2001 a total of 103,000 marriages were registered nationally, the lowest since 1978 and 10,300 fewer than in 2000.

Fr Fewings told The Catholic Leader that the causes of the fall off were puzzling and probably multiple, but one was the fact that people were now putting off marrying until they were older.

He said figures for Catholic marriages nationally were unknown becaue the figures were held in each diocese. But the Australian Catholic University had begun a study which would throw light on the overall situation.

Catholic Society for Marriage Education

Catholic Leader

30 Aug 2002