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Visiting Cardinal urges 'globalisation of love'

In Australia to deliver this week's Helder Camara Lectures, Salesian Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez has said that that while we're now witnessing the globalisation of the economy, what is needed is a "globalisation of love".

Known for his his media savvy and campaigning for human rights, 59 year old Honduran Cardinal Rodriquez was created a cardinal in February last year. He is admired as a dynamic pastor who negotiated peace deals with rebels and led rebuilding efforts after a natural disaster.

Speaking to a group of Salesians in Melbourne, he said a globalisation of love can only be achieved by focusing on mission. Cardinal Rodriguez challenged his fellow Salesians to renew the fire of evangelism, to ask the Holy Spirit for a new heart, a 'missionary pacemaker'.

He said that a globilisation "based on exclusion" could only lead to violence and death. A commitment to social justice, he said, is the only response. He described the plight of coffee producers in Honduras, where the price for their produce had halved in the past twelve months and was below the cost of production.

"The Christian response to poverty is solidarity," he said.

Cardinal Rodriguez took a prominent part in the Cologne G7 Conference on World Debt, has been deeply involved in 'Transparency International' (the international movement for open and accountable government), and is a member of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

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30 Aug 2002