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Enquiry opened toward beatification of Pope John Paul I

A preliminary enquiry into the possible beatification of Pope John Paul I has been opened in the Italian Diocese of Belluno-Feltre, where the "smiling Pope" was born and raised.

Bishop Vencenzo Savio of Belluno-Feltre announced the opening of the enquiry during the celebration of Mass on Monday, the 24th anniversary of the election of Cardinal Albino Luciani as Roman Pontiff.

Pope John Paul I survived only 33 days as Peter's successor; he died unexpectedly on 28 September 1978.

Bishop Savio announced that his diocese, located near Venice, had decided to open the preliminary investigation after consultation with the Rome diocese and the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Although it does not yet constitute an official "cause" for the beatification of the late Pontiff, the enquiry will produce "the preliminary research necessary to bring together the relevant information on the life and work of Pope Luciani," clearing the way for a formal cause, the bishop explained.

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28 Aug 2002