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Chaldean nun brutally murdered in Baghdad

A 70 year old Chaldean nun has been brutally murdered in Baghdad in an act which the Chaldean News Agency claims was intended to "terrorise Iraqi Christians".

The agency says Sister Cecilia Hanna was "knifed down savagely", with her head being severed from the rest of her body by a "group of thugs" while she was staying in the Chaldean monastery located in Palestine Street in Baghdad.

The Chaldean Patriarch, Mar Rophael BeDaweed I, sent a letter to Iraqi officials condemning the act and demanding maximum punishment for the perpetrators.

He said: "I condemn strongly this criminal and inhumane act on one of our Chaldean nuns in Baghdad, and demand from the officials to work seriously in tracking down and punishing those criminal thugs to prevent such appalling acts."

The Chaldean News Agency called upon Iraqi authorities to act to control the "rising tide of Muslim fanaticism" in the country.

Chaldeans Online | Biography of the latest Iraqi Christian martyr; Sister Cecilia Hanna 1931-2002

Chaldeans Online

28 Aug 2002