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Catholic Welfare pleased with Govt direction on families

Catholic Welfare Australia has voiced its support for Government efforts to make more services available to parents "in their most creative and difficult task of being good parents to their children".

Following widespread public debate on family issues in recent days, the peak Church welfare organisation has lent its support to the idea of a forum on families.

The organisation singled out the fact that Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Larry Anthony's reported comments flagging the concept of mutual obligation for family welfare payments have "hit the scrapheap".

"The Government seems to have placed family issues firmly on the agenda," said Catholic Welfare Australia national director Mr Toby O'Connor. "Given the public response, on talk-back radio and other forms of interactive media, to Minister Anthony's comments it is clear that the issue of families and building healthy families is one dear to many Australians."

"Parenting is the most creative task that any person is called upon to perform, although the day to day rewards are often hidden in the struggle. It is important that any policies and/or programs in support of this effort build on capabilities rather than focus on inadequacies," said Mr O'Connor.

"This Government has identified that Australia is rapidly approaching a population crisis and subsequent blowouts in the social security budget, it is also looking at restructuring funding to Family Relationships Services," said Mr O'Connor. "Catholic Welfare Australia applauds this Government for bringing all these issues to the fore but clearly the time has come for a well-informed debate to ensure that policy formulation and service direction produce positive outcomes for Australian families."

No Cuts to Family Payments (Media Release, Larry Anthony)
Catholic Welfare Australia
Department of Family and Community Services

Catholic Welfare Australia

28 Aug 2002