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Welfare award to champion of regional Australians

Centacare Adelaide's Family Relationships Program manager Pauline Frick has been named winner of the inaugural Perkins Award presented by Catholic Welfare Australia.

The judging panel paid tribute to her "passionate commitment to the development of rural and regional communities" in the Year of the Outback 2002.

"She has spent the majority of her family and professional life being amongst people in these rural areas," the judges said. "She has consequently had a huge personal investment in confronting some of the worst effect of economic rationalism by working with many others to enhance both individual' and communities' capacities for self-empowerment."

The Perkins Award is designed to recognise the achievements of an individual who has shown outstanding commitment to service that contributes to the overall goals of the organisation or program.

The panel said: "Many people have been affected and led by her actions. By her individual efforts she developed organisational spirit and structure which allows excellent, professional work to continue even without her personal presence."

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Catholic Welfare Australia

27 Aug 2002