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Priest-parliament member assassinated in Solomon Islands

A Catholic priest in the Solomon Islands was murdered last Tuesday on the orders of a notorious tribal warlord.

The priest, Fr Augustine Geve, served as minister for youth, sport and women's affairs in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Allan Kemakeza.

Reuters said the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corp. radio reported Harold Keke, leader of the Guadalcanal Liberation Front, ordered Fr Geve's assassination over alleged misuse of public funds in the priest's Weather Coast constituency.

Fr Augustine Geve was born in 1950 at Malagheti, Avuavu parish. He worked for several years as a teacher before entering the Seminary. He was ordained a priest on 14th December 1980 by Bishop Daniel William Stuyvenberg sm at St. Michael's Parish, Avuavu. He died on 20th August 2002.

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26 Aug 2002