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Relationships rhetoric a good start

Catholic Welfare Australia (CWA) yesterday endorsed sentiments expressed by a senior parliamentarian highlighting the essential role that relationships play in fostering healthy family dynamics and building a strong society.

But the peak body for Catholic welfare agencies said the sentiments of the Parliamentary Secretary for Family and Community Services, Mr Ross Cameron, need to be backed up with an injection of funds into family services. It pointed out that families have historically been way down the list of priorities for funding.

"To date, the value of relationships has not been something that Federal Governments have really focused on," said CWA National Director Mr Toby O'Connor. "It would be hoped that a boost in priority would also equate to a boost in funding for family relationships services."

"In our experience, most people view relationships to be a bit like breathing," said Mr O'Connor. "It is something that you just expect will happen naturally and automatically. It is only when something goes wrong that you give it a second thought. So, a push by the Federal Government in getting relationships off to a good start and maintaining them at that level is definitely a positive approach."

"In this time of economic constraint, we have been working with Mr Cameron to consider how the relatively small number of dollars made available to Family Services can best be spent," said Mr O'Connor. "As a result of our discussions with Mr Cameron - as part of the Family Relationships Forum - a Discussion Paper recommending changes to current Family Relationships Services funding will be released in the next few weeks."

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Catholic Welfare Australia

Catholic Welfare Australia

2 Aug 2002