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Mother Teresa beatification could occur this year

The beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta may be scheduled before the end of this year, depending upon the outcome of an October meeting in Rome..

Bishops from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints will gather to consider approving two decrees, one recognising that she lived a life of "heroic virtue," the other validating a miracle attributed to her intercession. Together, these decrees would fulfill the requirements for her beatification.

If the Congregation approves these decrees-- as is widely expected-- Mother Teresa could be beatified sometime near the end of this year or early in 2003.

Ordinarily, the formal process leading up to beatification does not even begin until five years have passed after the candidate's death. But Pope John Paul II authorised a special exception in the case of Mother Teresa, allowing the process to begin soon after her death, because of the worldwide recognition of her sanctity. Consequently, the first full inquiry into her cause for beatification, in the Calcutta archdiocese, was concluded within four years of her death.

The "positio" regarding Mother Teresa-- the full edited dossier produced to summarise her case-- has been completed and submitted to a panel of theologians, who have in turn concluded that the "positio" demonstrates her "heroic virtue." All that remains, therefore, is the formal approval of the cardinals who comprise the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, and the assent of the Pope.

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20 Aug 2002