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About 90 Ugandan youth 'lost' in Canada

About 90 of the Ugandan youth who travelled to Toronto for last month's World Youth Day have not returned to their home country.

Sources said only 26 youth returned to Uganda, raising speculation that the rest had joined many Africans on kyeeyo (odd jobs).

The Secretary of the Catholic Leadership Training Centre, Fr Obunga, said last week that he had asked the youth department to give him a report over the issue. He said the department, which organised the trip, was yet to hand in the report.

The sources also said very few of the youth actually attended World Youth Day after arriving in Canada. Fr Obunga said he had got verbal reports that the concerned youth had had their visas extended. Sources said the youth were supposed to return on 2 August, as a group.

About 300 youths were denied visas to go for the event after they failed the prerequisite interviews. Some of them were found not to be Catholics.

World Youth Day

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19 Aug 2002