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'South Park' episode upsets Catholic civil rights group

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the US is upset by a "South Park" episode poking fun at the sex abuse scandal plaguing the Catholic Church and has issued a statement about its displeasure.

The statement, by League President William Donohue, was issued on 2 July after he viewed promos for the episode, according to the league's Web site; the "South Park" episode aired the following day.

The league, according to network officials, is upset because the episode portrays priests as pedophiles instead of homosexuals, not because "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker took on the issue.

In the statement, Donohue writes: "The scandal in the Church is not about priests having sex with prepubescent boys. It is about priests having sex with postpubescent young men. The former is called pedophilia and the latter is called homosexuality.

"If Stone and Parker really had guts, they would do a show on gay priests. But, of course, like so many other intellectually dishonest elites in our society, they will go to any length to protect homosexuals."

"South Park" Episode On Priests Shows Cowardice (media release)
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
South Park

Pioneer Press

15 Jul 2002