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Caritas Australia responds to typhoon-ravaged Micronesians

Caritas Australia today committed $A17,889 emergency relief to assist the people of Chuuk, who are recovering from damage caused by strong winds, heavy rain and landslides in the wake of Typhoon Chataan earlier this month.

Basic food crops were destroyed and some water sources are now contaminated, resulting in a need for food and clean water. This aid will provide food, water and shelter.

On 3 July, after three days of heavy rain, six landslides occurred on five islands. As a result of the typhoon and landslides up to 40 people died, 100 were injured and more than 1500 people left homeless.

"The people of Chuuk community have been devastated by the disaster," said Caritas Australia National Director Jack de Groot. "Caritas Australia will provide funds to relieve the immediate need for food, drinking water and temporary shelter."

Chuuk (formerly known as Truk), is part of the Federated States of Micronesia. Its location is 1000 kilometres from Guam in the northern Pacific. It has a population of 63,000 people, who live on 40 inhabited islands. Without regular boats or planes, it is one of the most isolated countries on earth.

Caritas Australia
Tropical storm ravages Micronesia (Reliefweb)

Caritas Australia

15 Jul 2002