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Cardinal asserts Church's solidarity with AIDS patients

The Archbishop of Barcelona has told the International Conference on AIDS taking place in his city that one out of every four AIDS sufferers in the world is cared for by the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Ricardo Carles said this statistic is a sign of the Church's love and solidarity with those patients.

"Despite the complexity of the medicine, of nature itself and of the laws, God says to all those sick people: 'I love you, trust me,'" the cardinal wrote. "The Church also loves and is in solidarity with AIDS patients."

The cardinal also addressed the question of AIDS prevention. "Inasmuch as AIDS is transmitted through sex, the best prevention and at the same time the most effective, is formation in authentic values of life, love and sexuality," he stated.

Cardinal Carles drew attention to the contrast between clinical and pharmaceutical research between developed countries and those of the Third World.

"Because of lack of solidarity and distribution of medical and pharmacological resources, how many people are relegated to a lack of quality of life and to imminent death," the cardinal said.

XIV International AIDS Conference
The Church feels Solidarity with AIDS Sufferers (Cardinal Carles' text)
Archdiocese of Barcelona


10 Jul 2002