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'Ordained' nun expelled from her order

An Austrian nun whose recent "ordination" with six other women sparked outrage, has been dismissed from her congregation.

Sr Adelinde Theresia Roitinger was part of a group of four Germans, two Austrians and one American ordained in a service aboard a ship on the Danube by two rebel bishops, Argentinian Romulo Braschi and Austrian Ferdinand Regelsberger.

The news caused uproar among Catholic officials, who have angrily denounced the much-publicised ceremony as illegal and "null and void".

Roitinger was part of the Hallein convent, but congregational leader Sr Benedikta Linbacher said: "She can no longer be a part of our order because we stand within the circle of the Church."

Sr Benedikta added Roitinger had been living outside the convent for the last four years, because she wanted to find "her own way".

The two bishops are both members of the breakaway Church faction, the Catholic-Apostolic Charismatic Church of Christ the King, and timed the service to coincide with the feast of Peter and Paul, the traditional time for ordinations.

A spokeswoman for the women, former nun Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, said: "We don't want to put ourselves outside the church. Under no circumstances do we want a schism or a new church."

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9 Jul 2002