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Cardinal says Pope concerned about unification of Korea

Peaceful unification of South and North Korea is a special concern of the Pope, according to prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples of the Vatican Cardinal Cresecenzio Sepe.

"The Holy See has been making efforts to approach the issue on the level of the evangelisation rather than diplomatic level," said Sepe. "I believe that the dream will be realised when carrying out evangelistic solidarity with courage, endurance and firm belief towards the God."

The Cardinal gave a press conference at Myongdong Cathedral in Seoul on Thursdaym as part of a visist to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment the present administrative structures of the Korean Catholic Church.

"The dynamism of the Korean churches has influenced all aspects of Korean society and has fed its moral, social and cultural growth," said Sepe. "Now, all the believers…should work toward evangelisation outside of Korea. So far, Koreans have received much from outside. Now is the time to give back to the people in other countries."

In his discussion with President Kim, Sepe said that Pope John Paul II is still considering a visit to North Korea.

Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples

The Korea Times

8 Jul 2002