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Pope proposes 1963 encyclical as response to terrorism

Pope John Paul II has turned to a 1963 encyclical - Pacem in Terris, written by Pope John XXIII - for inspiration for the theme of the next World Day of Peace.

The theme of the 36th World Day, to be observed on 1 January, is 'Pacem in Terris': A Constant Endeavour.

In a statement, the Vatican Press Office explained that the Pope wishes to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this encyclical written by Blessed John XXIII.

"The Message will recall the four foundations of peace in light of the present circumstances," the text explained, namely: truth, justice, charity and liberty (see "Pacem in Terris," 89).

"'Pacem in Terris' was the first encyclical in which a Pontiff not only addressed Catholics but all 'men of good will,'" the Vatican explanatory note stated.

By focusing on "the bonds that unite man with God," John XXIII with this encyclical "was laying the spiritual and cultural foundations of new forms of political organization, with the conviction of the natural and equal dignity of human beings," the note added.

Pacem in Terris: Encyclical of Pope John XXIII on establishing Universal Peace in Truth, Justice, Charity, and Liberty


5 Jul 2002