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Boredom keeps us away from Church

Boredom is the main reason fewer Australians are going to church, according to the Australian Communities Survey, which found that although about two-thirds of Australians call themselves Christian, just 20% attend church services at least once a month.

Of the rest, 42% listed boring or unfulfilling services as one of the main reasons they stayed away.

The second most common answer -- from 35% of respondents -- was disagreement with Christianity's moral doctrine.

The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) and Edith Cowan University questioned 8500 people from around Australia for the Survey.

Researcher John Bellamy said there was no single reason the church was appealing to fewer people, and only 21% had claimed they were too busy to attend.

He said boredom may have been given as the main reason, because people with no recent experience of the church may harbour bad memories of tedious sermons when they were children.

"If it's a matter of style, not substance, it's something the churches do think about and have done a lot about," Mr Bellamy said. "With general services, the style of the service has changed over a number of years."

One Anglican minister in Sydney even hired a big screen to show the World Cup final after his Sunday evening service.

General secretary of the National Council of Churches John Henderson agreed the perception church was boring would date back to childhood for many people.



3 Jul 2002