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Queensland Catholic schools need more male teachers

Catholic schools across Queensland are launching a recruitment drive for male teachers, following the release of figures showing female teachers outnumber their male counterparts by more than three to one.

Queensland Catholic Education Commission executive director Joe McCorley said that a taskforce had been formed to attract ``particularly male teachers''.

About 77.3% (or 4105 teachers) at Catholic schools in the Brisbane Archdiocese are women, compared with 22.7% (1205 teachers) who are men. Last month, Education Queensland revealed a plan to lift the proportion of male teachers in the state system from 28% to 35% within four years.

Mr McCorley said the declining number of male teachers was due to misconception about the status of the profession rather than fears of being falsely labelled a pedophile.

He said teacher salaries had in fact greatly improved. The average male wage across all types of staff in Brisbane Catholic schools was $49,400.

Mr McCorley said leadership opportunities also had opened up with a shift in power away from principals to middle and senior management teams. A new recruitment campaign would highlight these pluses.

Universities, especially the Australian Catholic University, will be targeted along with employees in other jobs who are seeking a career change.

Queensland Catholic Education Commission

The Courier-Mail (payment required)

2 Jul 2002