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Catholic publisher releases Deane speeches

St Paul's Publications has released a book of extracts from 70 key speeches made by Sir William Deane during his 1996-2001 term as Australia's Governor-General.

Sir William Deane won the admiration of the Australian people during his time as Governor General. He made Australia's disadvantaged his priority and worked tirelessly for meaningful reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Publisher Fr Michael Goonan said the speeches have a continuing relevance.

"Their words continue to challenge us, and point out some of the directions we need to follow if we are to become an ever more caring community," he said. "He continually held a mirror to the nation identifying our sense of national identity, extolling multiculturalism and reinforcing our core values."

Deane was present to comfort the victims following many tragedies, such as those at Port Arthur, Thredbo, Childers and Interlaken in Switzerland.

In lieu of royalties, the publishers are donating a proportion of the proceeds from the sale of the book to the 'Youth off the Streets' Program, of which Sir William and Lady Deane are joint patrons.

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31 Jul 2002