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Melbourne Jesuit expels corporate greed demon

Fr Peter Norden on Friday cast out the demon of corporate greed of Citipower, a division of a multinational electricity company operating in Victoria.

He made the symbolic protest in front of Citipower's corporate offices in the Melbourne CBD. Making the gesture on behalf of the Catholic welfare agency The Brosnan Centre, Fr Norden also prayed that Citipower would become more just and fair.

The protest followed a dispute that arose out of Citipower's alleged policy of compromising safety, specifically its refusal to ensure members of the community are not endangered by magnetic fields emitted from the 3500 electricity substations around Melbourne.

Concerned about the occupational health and safety to his youth work staff, Brosnan Centre Manager Peter Coghlan, said: "We have twenty youth workers and hundreds of young people and children in close proximity to this electrical substation on our land every day, and we want Citipower to test the electrical field to ensure us that it is safe to remain on our property."

Fr Norden said before the protest: "We believe that there is such an evil as corporate greed, and we will be casting out the demon of evil and praying for a greater sense of justice and fairness".

Citipower is owned by American Electric Power, a multinational energy company based in Columbus, Ohio. One of largest producers of electricity in the US, the company bought Citipower back in 1998.

American Electric Power
The Brosnan Centre

The Brosnan Centre

1 Jul 2002