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Adelaide Archbishop receives pallium from Pope

Pope John Paul II was alert and had a strong grip, Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson reported yesterday after receiving his pallium from the Pope at the Vatican.

The pallium is a circular band of lamb's wool which, in a century-old tradition, is prepared by a cloistered community of Benedictine nuns from wool from sheep blessed by the Pope.

The pallium signifies Archbishop Wilson's status as a new metropolitan archbishop and it can be worn only in Adelaide and only on certain occasions.

The Pope "imposed" the pallium in the early hours of yesterday morning Australian time, in St Peter's Square.

"It was really quite overwhelming and a reminder to me of my big responsibilities," Archbishop Wilson said. "The Pope was very well and when the pallium is placed over your shoulders he holds your hand and says `Peace be with you'.

"He had a good strong grip and spoke very strongly."

Archbishop Wilson was one of a number of archbishops who received their palliums, on the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul.

Archdiocese of Adelaide

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1 Jul 2002