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Jesuit magazine gives Spider-Man thumbs up

Despite its "militaristic patriotism" and exaltation of all things American, the film Spider-Man offers moral lessons that more and more people are finding only in the movies today, said an influential Jesuit magazine.

A classic tale of the struggle between good and evil, the film illustrates the point that, while science can give one power, it is up to the individual "to use it for good or evil," said the article in La Civilta Cattolica.

The film's success is due not simply to its special effects, but to the fact that it was able "to create a hero and a myth that measure up to Western culture," said the Rome-based magazine that is reviewed at the Vatican before publication.

The story's hero, Peter Parker, is the stereotypical "good guy," not the most popular, not rich, but good at school and "God-fearing," the magazine said.

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22 Jul 2002