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Bishops' Women's Commission reports interest in community building

The Commission for Australian Catholic Women has reported "considerable success" in its efforts to build networks of groups and individuals in the Australian Church.

The Commission released a statement yesterday outlining progress discussed at its meeting in Perth at the end of last month. It took as a measure of its success requests for 14,000 brochures identifying the decisions and proposals of the Australian Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement 2000.

"These requests have come from individuals, parishes, archdiocesan offices, and seminaries," the statement said. "In 26 dioceses across Australia, as well as the Maronite, Melkite and Ukranian Eparchies, diocesan contact persons are working to bring about a whole of community response to the quest for greater participation of all people in the life of the Church."

The agenda of the May meeting included the themes of ongoing dialogue and collaborative ministry, in the context of "a world which is becoming increasingly aware of the integration of the wisdom and experiences of all people, and indeed the whole of creation". The Commission asserts that it is working towards more inclusive and integrated ways of being in relationship throughout the Australian Church.

The Perth meeting highlighted difficulties faced by rural women in Australia.

"Isolation, distance and high costs limited rural women's access, equity to formation, and their ability to effectively sustain church communities in rural Australia. Mrs Geraldine Hawkes, Chair of the Commission, stated that this was an opportunity for the wider Church to listen and respond to the particular circumstances of these women."

Woman and Man: One in Christ Jesus (Social Justice Statement 2000)


19 Jun 2002