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Catholic Welfare co-sponsoring major conference on families

The International Commission on Couple and Family Relations (ICCFR) begins its annual conference in Sydney today, with the theme "Distance, Diversity and Dislocation - Families Facing Globalisation".

The ICCFR was established in 1953 and is the most experienced and active part of the World Family Organisation, a Category 1 United Nations NGO. The Commission's annual international conference is committed to making innovative and contemporary contributions to the issues and challenges families face throughout the world.

The conference also involves national Australian organisations and Commonwealth Departments that work with family services providers. The Family Relationships Forum, a national alliance of the three industry representative bodies for the family services sector - Relationships Australia, Family Services Australia, and Catholic Welfare Australia - will host the event.

It will look at the position of families in an increasingly globalised society and will bring together delegates from around the globe to share and examine their local experiences.

Distance, Diversity, Dislocation - Families Facing Globalisation (Conference information)

Catholic Welfare Australia

17 Jun 2002