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Victorian church gambling taskforce backs State Govt strategy

Victoria's Inter Church Gambling Taskforce, which includes representation from Catholic Social Services, has expressed qualified support for the Government's Gambling Research Panel's 2002-03 Research Plan.

Taskforce member Anne Tuohey said it encompasses "some worthwhile research required to improve harm minimisatin strategies and respond more effectively to the problems associated with gambling".

But she stressed that it is important that action is taken in areas "where we already know what will work".

"These include measures such as restricting losses on pokies to a maximum of $50 per hour, a ban on not acceptors and a $1 bet limit per button push," Ms Tuohey said.

The Taskforce has emphasised the need for a strong research focus on the impact problem gambling has on the family and the household.

In a statement released on Friday, the Taskforce pointed out that "while elements of the approved projects will touch on this, the Taskforce would have preferred a project dedicated specifically to examining impact on the family."

Inter Church Gambling Taskforce

Inter Church Gambling Taskforce

17 Jun 2002