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Vatican newspaper criticises Israeli plan to build wall

The Vatican's semi-official L'Osservatore Romano newspaper has condemned decision of the Israeli government to set up a wall "to protect itself from the terrorists" in the Palestinian territories.

"The installation of barbed wires and walls does nothing but feed hatred, to reinforce extremists groups," it said, recalling that this kind of division "seldom stopped well-prepared terrorists."

Addressing Israeli fears of more suicide bombings, L'Osservatore Romano stressed that peace will be restored by walls.

"Security, claimed rightly by the Israeli citizens who are the daily victims of suicide attacks, is not obtained by setting up barbed wire and by locking up people in a reservation, but by cutting down the barriers of mistrust and by opening dialogue," it said.

The construction of this wall began recently in the neighbourhoods of Jenin, in the north of Israel.

L'Osservatore Romano


13 Jun 2002