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Cardinal calls for just and generous treatment of migrants

Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State of Vatican City, has appealed for rich countries to treat migrants from poorer parts of the world with justice, tolerance and generosity.

In a letter to Billie Miller, president of the 32nd Ordinary Assembly of the Organisation of American States which took place this week in Bridgetown, Barbados the Cardinal wrote that globalisation causes "the movement of an ever-growing magnitude of people".

He attributed the destabilisation of people's lives to the differences in development between countries in the regions, civil conflicts, natural disasters and serious economic crises which some American states have gone through.

He said: "As a reaction to this phenomenon in countries and regions that receive migrants, what may easily occur is the temptation to intolerance and social discrimination of minorities, of the abuse of weaker industries and the disproportionate defence of acquired well-being, jobs and other social benefits."

"In this sense, we must not lose sight of the fact that any approximation of this problem must be based on the notion of the universal common good, that affects the entire human family, overcoming any national egoism."


7 Jun 2002