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Vatican observer says common good demands globalisation scrutiny

An Independent Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalisation should focus on results rather than ideology, the Holy See's permanent observer at the UN, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

In a speech at last week's International Labour Conference in Geneva, Archbishop Martin expressed the Holy See's hope that the commission will "focus not on sterile ideological debates, but will give rise to a process which is forward-looking and results-oriented and foster coordinated, integrated responses".

He said globalisation 'for the common good' demands policies that foster "greater inclusion and integration and less fragmentation".

Martin quoted from Pope John Paul II's encyclical Centesimus Annus, which insisted that "an increasing internationalisation of the economy ought to be accompanied by effective international agencies which will oversee and direct the economy to the common good ... to an adequate notion of the common good, in relation to the whole human family."

Archbishop Martin told the conference that because work is "a fundamental dimension of human existence", the world needs "new alliances in favour of work".

"Work is a key factor in creating social cohesion and sustainability," he said. "Broad social dialogue is therefore a common interest and a common responsibility of all."

International Labour Organisation


25 Jun 2002