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Pell sex cover-up allegations take media by storm

The cover-up crisis enveloping the Catholic Church deepened yesterday, with further claims Archbishop George Pell should have been aware of paedophilia activities among priests in his social circle.

Following Thursday's denial by Dr Pell that he tried to "buy the silence" of a sexual abuse victim, fresh claims have surfaced that he should have been aware of a paedophile ring operating at a Ballarat primary school while living next door in the 1970s.

Dr Pell was also accused of attempting to "shut up" the family of two sex victims by offering them $50,000.

The crisis was compounded when Federal Opposition Leader Simon Crean called upon the Archbishop to "respond in detail" to accusations against him.

"It is in everyone's interest that this be clarified and there be a full explanation as quickly as possible," a spokesman for Mr Crean said. "Archbishop Pell must respond in detail to all the accusations laid against him."

Prime Minister John Howard said Archbishop Pell had his respect and total support.

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Daily Telegraph

3 Jun 2002