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International academic honour for Pell private secretary

Dr Michael Casey, a permanent fellow in sociology and politics at the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne and private secretary to the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr George Pell, has been named the 2001 Novak Award winner for a research paper assessing the impact of globalisation on different cultures.

The Award, presented by the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty in the US and named in honour of contemporary religious philosopher Michael Novak, recognises outstanding new research on the interrelation of religion and liberty.

Dr Casey's paper surveys the impact of globalisation and considers the approach taken to it by Pope John Paul II, who draws particular attention to its effects on different cultures. Building on this, Dr Casey analyses the Islamic world's response to globalising trends, and offers suggestions as to how globalisation might be reconsidered.

"Before the attacks on the World Trade Centre last year it was assumed that globalisation would make the world safe for the secular values of the West," Dr Casey said. "While the benefits of globalisation are considerable, September 11 showed us that they are not going to be accepted on these terms.

Dr Casey said he was delighted to receive the Novak Award.

"Both Michael Novak and the Acton Institute have made tremendous contributions to the way Christians think about politics, economics and society, and especially to our understanding of the role religion can play in a democracy," he said.

Dr Casey will present his research Preliminary Reflections on Globalization and Religion after September 11 and receive the $A18,268 award in Washington in September.

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16 May 2002