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Doing better for Families and Communities

A group of welfare organisatons including Catholic Welfare Australia yesterday released a set of guidelines aimed to set a new standard for the protection of families and communities.

The document, Delivering Person Centred Services: Good Practice Standards, follows two years of extensive consultation and research on the part of the Family Relationships Forum, which consists of Catholic Welfare Australia, Family Services Australia and Relationships Australia. The work was funded by the Department of Family and Community Services.

"These Standards set the framework for delivering better results for families and communities," according to the Manager of the Family Services for Catholic Welfare Australia, Margaret Roots. "Daily we deal with people - their lives, their loves, their tears, their joys and their heartaches."

Mrs Roots said: "It is a time when they are at their most vulnerable and it is our responsibility to make sure each person receives the best possible assistance."

"Whilst these Good Practice Standards aim to put into place guiding principles for all our agencies they are not set in concrete," said Mrs Roots. "This is a living and breathing document. It is adaptable and it would be our aim, should Government funding continue, to review the document after a twelve month period."

Catholic Welfare Australia
Family Services Australia
Department of Family and Community Services


16 May 2002