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Pope prompts Australian bishops' ecological conversion of heart

The Bishops Committee for Justice, Development and Peace (BCJDP) will henceforth be known as the Bishops' Committee for Justice, Development, Ecology and Peace (BCJDEP), in response to Pope John Paul II's call for "ecological conversion".

The Bishops also approved the formation of a national body of advisers on the environment. Named Catholic Earthcare Australia, it will be an advisory Council to the BCJDEP.

The new Council will operate for the next six months on an interim Mandate and with members provisionally appointed by the BCJDEP from all over Australia. It is expected that the next Plenary meeting of the Bishops' Conference will approved a definitive Mandate and will endorse the BCJDEP's appointments to the new entity.

During their meeting in Sydney, the Bishops viewed an educational video on the environment prepared for circulation to parishes, schools and Church organisations, and listened to the director of Clean-up Australia, Mr Ian Kiernan, and environmentalists Christine Milne of Tasmania and Brendan Mackey of the Australian National University.

The BCJDEP is planning to mark the initiatives taken in the area of ecology at a celebration in Sydney on Sunday 30 June. The Bishops will then issue a pastoral statement on the environment on Social Justice Sunday in September through the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.

Pope speaks out on environment (18/1/01)


15 May 2002