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Gay teen wins injunction to take boyfriend to Catholic school Prom

A Canadian gay teen whose battle with his Catholic school board for the right to take his boyfriend to the prom ended in triumph on Friday says the ordeal has been hard on their relationship and the party was anti-climactic.

But Marc Hall, 17, said Saturday that the "overwhelming" support from people around the world has been enough to encourage him to continue fighting for gay rights.

"It's been really hard on J.P. and me," said Mr Hall, referring to his 21-year-old boyfriend Jean-Paul Dumond. "But I'm going to fight this at a trial so no other kid will ever have to go through what I've gone through."

Mr Hall only won an injunction to allow him to attend the dance. Now the case will go to trial. In order to set a clear precedent, a judge will have to decide whether the Catholic school board's right to run schools in accordance with religious values trumps the rights of students to freedom from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Bishop Anthony G. Meagher, whose jurisdiction covers Hall's school, said in an open letter last month that the go-ahead for Mr Hall to take his gay "date" to the prom would signify approval not just of the boy's sexual orientation, but of is adopting a homosexual lifestyle.

He said: "Many young teenagers who have not matured in their manhood on sexuality wonder if they might be homosexual. A few years later they will thank the faith or the institution that encouraged them not to pursue these inclinations."

Canadian teenager taking gay prom date battle to court
Letter from Bishop Anthony G. Meagher

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

13 May 2002