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Philippines terrorists attack St Joseph the Worker celebration

Three people were killed and almost 100 injured when suspected Muslim militants threw grenades into a celebration of the feast of St Joseph the Worker yesterday in the southern Philippines.

Officials said the attack occurred in the village of Notre Dame near Cotabato City in a region of the country where Muslim rebels are waging terrorism to win a separate homeland.

"There are three confirmed dead and there are many wounded," regional police chief Colonel Bartoleme Baluyout said. "I suspect this was done by Muslim terrorists."

A series of bomb blasts 10 days ago in General Santos city, south of Cotabato, killed 15 people and wounded dozens more. The attack was claimed by a man who said he was a spokesman for the Abu Sayyaf Muslim guerrillas, a group which has been linked to Osama bin Laden's al-Quaeda terrorist network.

Notre Dame University, Cotabato City


2 May 2002