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American nuns meet with Vatican

A delegation of top US nuns is meeting with Vatican officials in regularly scheduled talks this week that were expected to touch on the sex abuse scandal.

However, delegation leader Sr Kathleen Pruitt denied news reports that the four-nun group was delivering a special letter to the Vatican denouncing the Church's behavior in the scandal, or that the sex abuse issue was the central theme of their meetings.

``Are we concerned about the sexual abuse issue? We certainly are,'' Pruitt said. ``It will be discussed in relation from the women's perspective of the pain and the grief.''

The delegation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents 75,000 U.S. Catholic sisters, arrived over the weekend and will remain until tomorrow.

The organisation released a statement on 5 April, saying it was ``deeply troubled by the current escalating crisis of allegations of clerical abuse.'' It also expressed sadness at the suffering of the victims, the fact that some priests' abuse had affected the entire clergy, and ``the institutional Church's pattern of silence.''

Pruitt said her group was only expressing the distress that most Americans feel about the scandal. She refused to give details on the ongoing talks.

Leadership Conference of Women Religious
Leadership Conference of women Religious releases Public Statement concerning "Crisis of allegations of clerical abuse" (5/4/02)


2 May 2002