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ACU urges employers to follow its example on paid maternity leave

The Australian Catholic University has called on employers to follow its lead in granting workers 12 months' paid maternity leave.

No other organisation has followed suit in the nine months since the university announced its decision to give staff 12 weeks' full pay and a further 40 weeks at 60%.

ACU Vice-Chancellor Peter Sheehan said he believed more generous maternity leave arrangements were needed across the board and urged businesses to give important consideration to the issue.

``The nature of the provisions must reflect or be consistent with the needs of the community of employees, and I think they have to be affordable,'' Professor Sheehan said.

``The last thing one would do is introduce generous leave provisions that sends a company to the wall.''

The call follows the release of an interim paper on paid maternity leave by federal sex discrimination commissioner Pru Goward last month.

Courier-Mail (payment required)

6 May 2002