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Social Justice Council says why Pacific Solution is wrong

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council has called for an end to the so-called Pacific Solution, suggesting it is a "fundamental inversion of values for the interests of the state, or of national security to be placed before the protection of the human dignity of asylum seekers and refugees".

"We believe that everyone intercepted in Australian waters or on Australian territory seeking asylum in Australia should have their claims to refugee or humanitarian status determined in Australia, rather than being diverted to other countries for processing."

The Council sets out the rationale for its opposition to the Pacific Solution in 'The Pacific Solution, a position paper released yesterday.

The paper declares it is "not realistic for Australia to expect the poor countries of our region to continue to be the major countries of first asylum hosting millions of asylum seekers".

It also says the problem of asylum seekers is an international one, and we must address the root causes of poverty, political stability, discrimination and human rights abuses that give rise to involuntary displacement.

The 'Pacific Solution' (position paper, PDF)


28 May 2002