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Nuncio tells UN both sides 'inconsistent at best' on life issues

Archbishop Renato R. Martino, Vatican nuncio to the United Nations, told a pro-life audience on Tuesday that both liberals and conservatives deal with right-to-life issues "at best inconsistently".

Accepting an award at the annual Proudly Pro-Life Dinner in New York, he said that some Christians who put their religion "on a pedestal for all to see" were displaying "a faith filled with contradictions" in dealing with such issues as military security, tax cuts, capital punishment and abortion.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if liberal civil servants could muster up as much love for unborn children as they do for baby whales or seals or trees?" Archbishop Martino asked.

"And wouldn't it be great," he continued, "if conservative civil servants realized that Jesus' command to love applies to criminals and refugees as much as it does to middle-class Christians and unborn babies?"

Vatican Secretariat of State
Proudly Pro-life Awards Dinner


3 May 2002